Material Review – How Tough Is Granite?

Ormistons are passionate about stone. We offer a wide selection of Granites, Quartz, Marbles, Limestones and other materials. It is important to choose the right material to suit your needs. Please see below a series of short demonstrations about the different materials and their durability.

Does Granite Scratch?

The answer is no. – We have tested a Brazilian granite called Giallo Santa Cecilia.

Giallo Santa Cecilia

Knives did not damage the surface at all.
Even a screwdriver did not make any scratches on the surface.

Is Granite Fire Proof?

We also wanted to demonstrate that granite surfaces are unaffected by heat. We used a blow torch and hovered the flame over the material for around 15/20 seconds. There was no sign of any damage.

Does Red Wine Stain Granite?

To demonstrate the stain resistant qualities of granite, we poured red wine over the surface and left it for 24 hours. This left a sticky residue, but a standard surface cleaner and damp cloth easily removed this and there was no evidence of a stain.

So, How Does It Fare Compared To Other Materials?

Granite is scratch resistant and stain resistant. Marble by comparison is a weaker material and more prone to scratches and stains. Quartz is stronger than granite, though we found that scratches and heat damage were possible. Limestone is most suitable to bathrooms as it is more prone to scratches.

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